Primemail Pharmacy

PrimeMail is a protected, suitable as well as cost-effective method to have medication delivered to associate. PrimeMail medicine mail services supplements other group pharmacy services plus dispense FDA standard medicine to associate countrywide. PrimeMail pharmacy services encompass:

Advantages of primemail pharmacy

For associates

  • appropriate and exact supply
  • High values of worth, safety plus service
  • aggressive discounts on tablets
  • simple online right to use
    • treatment information/record
    • novel guidelines
    • medicine transcription
    • stock up
  • Access to associate service agent plus pharmacist 24/7

For customers

  • On boarding agenda that guarantee flawless member conversion
  • Full pharmacy advantage organization services
  • Member -facing advertising sustain
    • Promotional security
    • straight mail campaign
    • Contact templates such as calligraphy, e-mail.

The PrimeMail pharmacy services are presented to every full-service plus PrimeMail clients like a customary preference. Developments during the premium plus personalized choice are also obtainable.

Other options

PrimeMail pharmacy Preferred 90 option

PrimeMail pharmacy Preferred 90 is a profit design module that requires workers to seal their preservation medicine during PrimeMail. PrimeMail Preferred has been established to raise post service exploitation through up to 35 % of total instruction.

PrimeMail single Services

PrimeMail-only are accessible headed for Blue Cross & Blue Shield policy in search of a mail check series simply. The similar features plus benefits connected by using PrimeMail pertain by the exception of getting Prime’s filled pharmacy benefit organization services. Make contact with Prime Therapeutics in favor of additional information.

Providing solution

PrimeMail pharmacy is a contemplation leader in the expansion of mutual and practical strategies that assist our customers and associate successfully and professionally administer pharmacy payback. They spotlight on mounting curriculum, services plus procedure that are medically based, member focused plus aligned by the objective of their clients.

Our sole loom of looking on pharmacy benefit management as of a total healthiness care viewpoint permit us to be a manufacturing head in the endorsement of high-quality health as well as the organization of prescription medicine costs.

Core service

Prime proffer a full variety of pharmacy services counting:

  • report management
  • assert processing
  • Client & associate services
  • medical programs
  • customer directed profit ¬†administration
  • medicine development forecasting
  • Drug consumption administration
  • Drug consumption assessment
  • Electronic stipulate
  • Formulary organization
  • general drug consumption program
  • packages order services
  • advertising program sustain
  • Medicare division D supervision
  • nationwide pharmacy group
  • Pharmacy profit reporting & analytics
  • Pharmacy benefit deal support
  • Predictive advantage modeling
  • supplier services
  • refund organization
  • Retail pharmacy review
  • Specialty medicine organization
  • net based services
URAC qualified

The URAC authorization program is intended to support PBM manufacturing best perform, promote excellence improvement plus protect and authorize customers. The URAC principles development procedure is agreement driven, by hundreds of business experts helping as volunteers to institute plus revise proper industry standard. Prime established URAC endorsement in favor of pharmacy benefit management values in Nov 2007 plus certification for medicine therapy organization agenda in 2008.