Prime Therapeutics and PrimeMail

Prime Therapeutics is founded on the year 1998. It is headed by the Chief Executive Officer who is Eric Elliott and their head quarter is located at the state of Minnesota in the city of Eagan. The company is in the industry of Pharmacy Benefit M

anagement. This is a company which organizes the list of the medicine that people with health plan or drug benefits can avail. This company also handles and pays the medicine prescription claims. Aside from these things, the company also negotiates with pharmacies about the discounts they can give to the health plan holders or the drug benefits holders. Negotiating and bargaining with medicine manufacturers and producers are also one of the tasks of the company, Prime Therapeutics. The company negotiates and bargain with the manufacturers and producers of medicines and drugs in order to get rebates and discounts for the health plan holders and drug benefit holders they manage and organize.

As a Pharmacy Benefit Manager, the company is obligated to manage the benefits that the health plan holders and drug benefit holders have. The company is also responsible in explaining and discussing the benefits that the health plan holders and the drug benefit holders in order for them to fully understand the health plan and drug benefit they have availed. Aside from these things the Prime Therapeutics also offer the mail service pharmacy which is the PrimeMail. Prime mal is a mail service pharmacy where people can order their prescribe medicine online and have it delivered directly to their homes. In this way, disabled people who do not have the ability to go to the pharmacy or drug store can simply order their medicine using their computer and have the medicine delivered to your house.

The mail service pharmacy is also beneficial to the old people who live on their own. Old people might find going out to buy something as a hard task since they have their own aging health issues they have to deal with and this can be a hindrance to get what they need like groceries or medicines. That is why some grocery stores offer deliveries and it also goes the same with the PrimeMail but the difference is that they deliver medicines instead of groceries. Old people may not appreciate technology that much or they may not even own a computet or might as well not know how to use a computer. The mail service pharmacy is not only available online on the internet but also on the phones, since most old people do not know how to use the computer or how to access the internet, they can now also be reached throught the phone and have the medicine delivered to your house. This is because Prime Therapeutics knows all people know how to use the phone and this is one way to reach the old people who greatly can benefit to the services they offer.
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