PrimeMail pharmacy

Blue Shield & blue cross of California provide the workers with admission to their slight mail repair seller, PrimeMail. By means of PrimeMail pharmacy, thus the employees obtain effortless, cost-effective as well as secure home otherwise office medicine delivery. Employees are as well offered by the expediency of sorting a long-term provider of their enclosed continuance prescription online. In addition, they’ll acquire support as of pharmacists who are obtainable 24 hrs a daytime and extra


Workers who have a constant health state and must get long-term preservation medication be able to save occasion by organize up toward a 60 otherwise 90-day provider of their roofed drugs. Prescriptions are delivering directly to employee’s residence or workplace plus orders restocked online are vessel in three to five commerce days.


As of the Blue Shield web-site, workers have solitary sign-on admittance toward Prime Mail’s protected website to sort their medicine refills 24 hrs daylight. Workers are able to also sight order rank plus record, as well as sort new medicine.

Price reserves

Depending on employees’ pharmacy advantage, they may save currency schedule their copayments while they organize a long-term deliver of their prescription throughout mail service vs. retail. In calculation, employees advantage as of free distribution for normal postal deliverance.


Prescriptions are checked on behalf of accuracy as well as superiority by Prime Mail pharmacy inventory pharmacist’s former to deliverance. Medicine delivery posts are plain-labeled in support of workers solitude, FDA standard plus interfere evident, plus climate-controlled while essential to avoid spoilage.


The pharmacists on PrimeMail pharmacy are accessible 24 hrs a daylight, 7 days a week in order to respond clinical queries of the employees might have about their medicine. Workers can also obtain authentication when their prescription are established plus sent and reminders while their refill guidelines are payable.

Secondary Pharmacists

Like a pharmacist, they make a disparity in the concern of member. Additionally than providing prescription, PrimeMail pharmacies dispense suggestion as well as leadership. PrimeMail pharmacy is devoted to providing us by the information they require to enhance to serve clientele.

  • A devoted 24-hrs Pharmacy Contact midpoint
  • Ongoing transportation about map changes plus additions
  • normal news plus updates on present pharmacy matter

24Hrs Pharmacy Contact midpoint

PrimeMail pharmacists & employees specialists are positioned by prepared to respond any questions we might have about medicine, prescriptions, profit plus formularies.

Helping Stakeholders Not Stockholders

PrimeMail pharmacy is a deliberation head in pharmacy profit organization strategy. Prime mail pharmacy strategic company by Blue Cross & Blue Shield tactics exclusively point us to profit our clients through clear agreement terms, spirited rates plus the full reduction as of our pharmacy group.

PrimeMail pharmacy unique corporation:

  • Creates apparent monetary value shimmering total fitness costs
  • present matchless collaborative customer sustain
  • coordinate pharmacy as well as medicinal programs in favor of full health care organization
  • simplify multipart concern to authorize pharmacy decision
  • maximize leaning management throughout confirmation based pharmacy reimbursement propose